Following an outstanding 2013 where Aritaur swept up all the top titles, 2014 has started as we mean to go on with a 4th consecutive BOB at Crufts win, this time in 2014 for Aritaur Gene Genie owned by Julian Neame. 'Jack' can be seen in the working group - at around 9.38m of this video here

We are Martin and Jay Horgan, and we live in Staffordshire with our Dobermanns, German Pinschers, English Pointer and elderly Burmese cat.

We have bred, shown, trained and worked Dobermanns and hold records in both working and showing at the highest level, winning the Top UK Breeder title, breeding the UK bitch breed record holder, having the highest qualified UK Schutzhund Dobermann, and the most titled Dobermann litter in UK breed history.

In 2009 we imported our first German Pinscher, the black female Pandora from the world famous Ceriinan kennels of Anja Nikkonen, followed by the red male Quiero.

Prior to importing our dogs, there had been no UK Pinscher litters for three years and the breed had suffered from years of serious decline. Our litters and new imports have injected new life into the breed in the UK, and we have successfully encouraged new people to join this super breed to have their own successes in various disciplines.


When I'm walking out with an adult Dobe and Dora (who is black) I often hear 'ah look at that puppy...'. No it's not a Manchester Terrier, nor a Min Pin, a Ridgeback (!) and it's not a miniature or baby Dobermann! The spelling is Pinscher, not Pincher or Pinser.

German Pinschers are smaller in size certainly, but as big in character - more terrier than the Dobermann, but very similar in their strong guarding, being very protective of children and their family, and continually making us laugh.

German Pinschers are not easy to get, so do expect to have to wait for a puppy.

Ceriinan Quiero to Aritaur (Fin Imp)WJW11, WW12, BOB Crufts '11&'12
Aritaur Fast Eddie Multi Youth Ch EJW 12
Photo by Will Harris, Snap An Image
Aritaur Gunga Din, BOB Crufts '13
Aritaur Gene Genie BOB Crufts '14

Where it all began for Aritaur...World Winner '12,
Top Brood Bitch '13,
Ceriinan Pandora to Aritaur (Fin Imp)


I am very happy to have long term friends Cindy Ranson & Ben Pearce breeding alongside me in Pinschers. Cindy & Ben own
Multi Ch Aritaur Gunga Din, and their kennel name is CalvaXar.


I had been considering a smaller breed to run alongside the Dobes for some years, but never really found the right breed; I didn't want all the grooming which goes with many terrier breeds, and I liked the Schnauzer, but didn't want the stripping of the coat (Pinschers being the short coated version of the Medium Schnauzer).

Browsing for Dobe information on the Dabney's website one day I clicked on their German Pinscher page and was captivated by their Finnish import Clefell's Jaguar. Martin had shown Pinschers a couple of times to help out a UK exhibitor so I knew it might not be hard work to persuade him. German Pinschers are in the Working Group - the same day as Dobes, so I could also show on the same day. Having researched the pedigree of Jaguar, I found much of it was Ceriinan breeding, so got in touch with the marvellous Anja Nikkonen.

I was very fortunate to have been given my choice from two of Ceriinan's excellent litters, which culminated in us winning the double World Winner titles for both Quiero & Pandora at the World Show Salzburg 2012 from an entry of 54 dogs.

The future of the Pinscher in the UK is now in recovery with the progeny from our three recent litters - the black Aritaur 'F' litter, the 'US' red Aritaur 'G' litter and the combination of those lines with the red & black Aritaur 'J' litter in early 2013.


From left - Aritaur Feeling Frisky, Aritaur Gunga Din, Mother to the F litter, and the first import to the UK for six years Ceriinan Pandora to Aritaur (Imp Fin), Aritaur Fabulousity, and Aritaur Gene Genie.

For more information on our litters and puppies, click here.

The Health of the German Pinscher is very good overall and their character is wonderful - although not for the idle owner who just wants a cute dog to walk in the park once a day!

Like Dobermanns, German Pinschers are not for the faint hearted, weak-willed owner; they have a lot of attitude and not ideal for a first time dog owner. However, if you lead an active life, are looking for a medium sized breed with high energy, hugely protective, loving, loyal and devoted, you could be for the Pinscher!


Athough I am slow to update our site (dogs to walk, chores to do), we hope you enjoy the website and if you would like any extra reading or information on food, training, dog sport etc etc, please click on one of the links at the top or below to take you to our Dobermann site, or one of the links on the World page which includes some of the established international kennels with good information.

Sorry we don't keep a guestbook but we do breed Pinschers who smile; this is Chantelle's 'Nyla' with her baby teeth, so we hope that makes up for it!

Dora above with her beloved Bracco. She was very quick to suss out the boss of the house.
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